Christmas in September
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Christmas in September

There’s a feeling every kid has when the holidays approach. It’s one of wonder, hope, excitement and joy. It’s a feeling that I had always thought could never be duplicated. But I have that feeling now. I can feel it in my stomach, I can taste it on my tongue, and I can see it in the air.

A play-off race (or two) so close that it will come down to the last day of the season is the equivalent of Christmas. Its approach seems to take forever, but once it arrives nothing else can penetrate your thoughts. You count the days and hope you get something good. You sneak a peak at the presents under the tree and realize, you’ve got more than you thought.

After 160 games, we all have more than we thought under the tree. The Red Sox and Rays are tied for the Wild Card. The Braves have only a one game lead in the NL. These last two days will give us exactly what last season gave us. Play-off races down to the end of the season. The Padres, the Giants, and the Braves were all vying for two postseason spots last year. This year, four teams are battling for two spots.

The season will be coming to a close, and a new one will start soon. Like the transitioning seasons that offer a prelude to the holiday season, these changing seasons bring a prelude to baseball excitement. The anticipation of filling the final two spots is unlike anything else except Christmas as a kid. So bring on tomorrow’s games and bring on Wednesday’s games. Bring on the present as we look forward to the future. This is baseball, this is life, this is my Christmas.