C.J. Wilson: The Bully or Bullied?
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C.J. Wilson: The Bully or Bullied?

When Texas Rangers’ pitcher C.J. Wilson was asked about pitching in Oakland, he launched into a hate-filled rant like a kid who just watched the school jock steal his girlfriend. The problem is, Oakland didn’t take his girl, is not anywhere close to being the school jock, and should be the last concern on Wilson’s mind.

According to an ESPNDallas.com article, Wilson was asked about the abundance of foul territory in Oakland. His response was a tirade bordering on obsessive.

“I hate pitching there. The mound sucks, the fans suck. There’s no fans there.”

The Oakland A’s are like the family dog. They don’t do anything great, but they don’t do anything horrible. They’re just there. And to me, it felt like Wilson was just kicking the family dog. His reasoning behind his comments is not clear. He sounds like an overly defensive teenager, too concerned with what people think of him.

“They hate me there anyways so it doesn’t matter. The players on their team hate me, whatever; I don’t care,” he went on to say. Really C.J.? It sounds like you do care.

Wilson claimed the hatred comes from playing on rival clubs. Yes, the long-standing, hatred-fueled rivalry between the Texas Rangers and the Oakland Athletics is well documented. It’s almost as intense as the Red Sox/Yankees.

Actually it’s more like the Diamondbacks and Padres, or the Rays and Orioles.

So, to conclude this matter, can the member of the Oakland A’s that stole C.J. Wilson’s girlfriend, took his lunch money, and pantsed him in home room please apologize?