‘Buc’ Shot
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‘Buc’ Shot

Who is Kevin Correia?  How about Alex Presley?  Or Josh Harrison?  And Joel Hanrahan?  These are members of the best Prates team since 1992.  They made not be household names like those on the ’92 team (Barry Bonds anyone?), but they make up part of a team that is winning on heart, desire, will power, and faith in themselves.

Correia is currently tied for the Major League lead in wins with 11.  This is his first year in Pittsburgh after coming over from the Padres.  In his career leading up to this year, his record was 36-43.  He’s not exactly lighting up the stat boards this year either, but he’s winning.

Alex Presley is an up-and-coming outfielder.  He’s played in 7 games this year and collected 9 hits, 5 RBI’s, 4 walks, and two stolen bases.  That’s called making the most out of your time in the lineup, and is an example of the young talent pulsing through this Pirates organization.

Josh Harrison is the Pirates 23 year-old third baseman of the future.  During yesterday’s game, he tried to score from second on a single and plowed into the Astros catcher Carlos Corporan.  He was thrown out, but he suffered a busted lip, bloody nose and eventually dizziness.  However, he came out in the bottom of the inning and manned his position at third.  Not only that, but he made a fantastic bared-handed play to get a runner at first during the inning.  He exhibits some of the heart that’s lead toward the Pirates first half run.

Joel Hanrahan is leading the league in saves and has converted 27 straight.  He was also just recently named to his first All-Star Game.  Wins that may have slipped away in the later innings are now safe.  When Hanrahan gets the ball, it’s about as close to a sure thing as there is in baseball.

These are just four of the players that make up the soul of this team that has brought baseball back to Pittsburgh.  The city of Pittsburgh is a great baseball city, and their fans have stuck with this team through 18 losing seasons.  Now, with the Pirates playing competitive baseball and actualy challenging for the division lead, we have been given a glimpse into how good baseball in the Steel City can be.

The fans are passionate.  They love this team.  With each game they lead going into the bottom of the ninth, the atmosphere seems like Game 7 of the World Series.  These fans deserve this, and in turn they reward baseball with their energy and fire.

With the Allegheny River flowing behind center field, the skyline rising up in the distance, and the fans packing the stands, this historic team is on the verge of breaking a new historic trend.  Losing.

The Pirates have been a baseball club since 1882 and have 5 World Championships.  They celebrate players like Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargel, Bill Mazeroski, and Honus Wagner.  They have nine retired numbers.  They have 36 Hall of Famers.  Winning baseball is good for the Bucs, it’s good for the fans and it’s good for baseball.

With 85 games under their belt and trailing the Brewers by a half-game and Cardinals by just one and a half games, the Pittsburgh Pirates are legitimate contenders.  So tune in, read all about it, and celebrate with the city of Pittsburgh as these Bucs have a shot at a winning record and even a division crown.